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SMS Linear Motors, Linear Motion Product from SMS
Ironless Core Linear Motors
Overlapping windings allow for shorter, overall length

Instead of the conventional design in which the windings are arranged side by side, overlapping winding design creates higher power density. The result is a compact size motor with no sacrifice in performance. The Y-beam design results in an enlarged contact surface for better heat transfer and outstanding thermal efficiency. Moreover, the special insulation material between coils achieves superior insulation. It enhances reliability and life for the motor.
ironless linear motor
Superior Insulation and high heat dissipation ability
Compact package with high output
Y-beam design for greater structural stiffness
Ironcore Linear Motors

Iron core linear motors are suitable for use in high acceleration, high velocity and high load point to point linear motion applications.
ironcore linear motor
High Force Density; High Heat Dissipation
Easy assembly
Integrated Hall Sensor & Temperature Switch
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